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New Jersey: Who Are The People?

25.5% of Registered People Voted in 2023 New Jersey's State Legislative Election

Special thanks to the Montclair State's Center for Cooperative Media for guidance and support in developing this content.

Voter turnout is typically lower in New Jersey in election years where there’s not a big race at the top of the ballot — such as a gubernatorial or presidential contest — and that held true in this fall’s elections, as well.  

Overall voter turnout in the state, as measured by the number of people who voted as compared to the state’s number of registered voters, was 25.5%. Turnout was the highest in Legislative District 30, driven by a historically strong Republican Get Out the Vote operations in the Jersey Shore Region at 35.6%. It was the lowest in Legislative District 29, with an 8.2% voter turnout rate, which has long accepted the dominance of the Democratic Party in the area.  

The following charts show voter turnout by district. That information includes:  

Total Population:

We used State Legislative Districts data via the American Community Survey offered by the U.S. Census: Congressional and State Legislative Districts | American Community Survey | U.S. Census Bureau.  

Technically, this group is what we consider “The People.”  


Civilian Population over 18:   

We used the American Community Survey via the U.S. Census Bureau 2017-2021 American Community Survey 5-Year Estimates Selected Social Characteristics in the United States by legislative district. This population does not include inmates or active military personnel. It represents the amount of people old enough to vote, even if they are not citizens (aka aspirational citizens).  


# of Registered Voters in District:  

We used the 2023 Election Data Statewide Voter Registration Summary provided by the State of New Jersey Department of State: NJ DOS - Division of Elections - Statewide Voter Registration Statistics Archive. These individuals can choose to vote in any election.  


# of Vote Turn Out  

We used the 2023 Official Election Results offered by New Jersey’s Department of State: NJ DOS - Division of Elections - 2023 Election Information and Results.

These count the number of individuals that participated in the general election in 2023. 


# for Winning Candidate, Losing Candidate, and Independent Candidates  

We used the General Election results for State Senate and General Assembly Elections offered by the New Jersey’s Department of State:  NJ DOS - Division of Elections - 2023 Election Information and Results  


*Denotes Incumbents  

**Population and Civilian Population data may change due to the upcoming release of the 5-Year Data Estimates in December 2023. However, we do not expect the pattern below to change significantly. 

If you do not know your legislative district, please go to the NJ Legislature website to help determine what district you are registered in.  Then, return here to see the results in your district. 

Click the slide marker until you get to your district to see the results. 

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