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Pragmatic Activism: Creating Sustainable Social Change Through Intentional and        Reasonable Action

Identity and Intersectionality: Understanding the Experience of Social                        Categorizations to Navigate Differences

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging: Investing in Supportive and Inclusive Internal  Cultures

Personal Activism: The Power of Lobbying, Advocacy, and Activism

Managing Opposition: Strategies and Tactics for Dealing with Opposition

Understanding Electoral Politics: How Voter Turnout and the Political Party System    Shape the Future

Strategic Advising and Consulting

We offer personalized consulting services focused on helping equip leaders of philanthropic, not-for-profit, and social responsibility-focused organizations with practical, intentional, and impactful advice for creating social change aligned to their goals. 

Leadership Workshops

Our cohort style leadership workshops focus on "Pragmatic Activism", a strategic approach for creating social change that is sustainable for the long term. Cohort participants learn how to identify and take intentional and reasonable actions that align politics, culture, economy, and philosophy for more impactful decision making. They also walk away with a personalized “Tree of Influence” and receive ongoing legislative updates relevant to their work.

Pragmatic Activism is available for large and small groups or in an interactive online format.


Facilitation and Moderation

M&A believes everyone is worthy of a seat at the table. Our facilitation and moderation services focus on building community among leaders and the people they serve. Customized to your organization’s goals, we help you drive engagement, manage change, and activate your teams for the betterment of all.

Speaking Keynotes

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