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About Our Founder.

M&A believes in the power of people to promote social
good. This belief started with our founder, Orville Morales.
His experiences navigating immigration between NJ
and the Dominican Republic gave him a fundamental understanding of the challenges of modern institutions and how personal activism opens doors in them

Photo of Founder

Our Story.

Orville has more than 20 years of experience working in
activism and education, including work as a campaign
manager for the Public Goods Project, as a public liaison
for one of New Jersey’s longest-serving U.S.House of
Representatives members, and as an adjunct professor at
Montclair State University. This experience led him to open
M&A, with a vision of working with others to understand,
navigate, and drive people-focused decision-making in
their organizations and beyond.

The Associates.

We believe in our hearts that we are NOT the only experts regarding social good.  The individuals, organizations, and groups you see below are those we trust to dialogue, debate, challenge, and commune with each other around the state and country in our collective work toward sustainable social good. 

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