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Welcome To The M&A Public Journal

Updated: Jan 20

Discover our Public Journal, a platform where we enthusiastically share our experiences in applying Pragmatic Activism's practical and theoretical principles. This journal is designed to help our workshop participants examine how we would apply Pragmatic Activism to our collective public affairs.

Our lead writer, Orville Morales, the Lead Facilitator of Pragmatic Activism, will be your guide through these pages. Within them, you'll find invaluable tips, profound insights, and, most importantly, stories of hope that illuminate the tangible potential for a sustained commitment to social good.

It's crucial to acknowledge that we don't lay claim to being the ultimate authorities on the subject of social good. Orville's expertise is a product of his diverse professional background spanning various sectors, including government, nonprofits, and philanthropy. Orville maintains his own political, social and phylosophical beliefs but his multifaceted life experience consistently reminds him of our shared humanity, thus all of our rights to our own beliefs. Therefore, we hope Pragmatic Activism can speak to the following audiences:

1. Frustrated Youth Concerned About Societal Progress: This group comprises young individuals who are frustrated with the pace of societal advancement.

2. Exhausted Vintage Millennials and Early Gen Xers: Here, we have individuals from the older segment of Millennials and the early part of Generation X who, while lacking the same energy as before, are burnt out from their efforts to keep up with societal changes.

3. Approaching Retirement or Early Retirees Frustrated by the Lack of Engagement from Younger Generations: This audience consists of individuals who are nearing retirement age or have already retired and are frustrated by the apparent lack of engagement and activism among younger generations on societal issues.

In essence, our audience consists of forward-thinking individuals who are deeply passionate about making a positive impact on the world. They are willing to express their opinions at work, in their communities, and beyond. These are courageous individuals who have gained humility through life's experiences and understand the significance of voicing their thoughts during challenging times.

As our company continues to grow and adapt, our content and voice will evolve as well. We anticipate that our content will expand to include diverse voices offering different perspectives, contributing to the journal's ongoing evolution. Ultimately, our vision is for this journal to serve as a hub for proactive decision-making committed to the greater social good

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