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Example of Positive Attention

Updated: Jan 27

image of slippery road warning
Not all of us can drive this road safely.

I'm proud to be an Adjunct Professor at Montclair State University. As this semester began Tuesday, January 16th, the weather was not ideal for a first day of class, even in the Winter. 

When my students asked about not meeting in person due to the bad weather that day, I found it amusing to have that gut reaction to say, "When I was your age..."

In my day, Montclair State University rarely had delayed openings due to weather like the relatively little snow we had last week. But times have changed, and the university now offers delayed openings in such weather. Although it didn't affect my afternoon class, I chuckled at students complaining about traveling in what they called a "blizzard."

Instead of imposing my past challenges on my students, I chose to offer positive attention to their concerns and a measure of understanding. I remembered my own college days when I didn't have a fancy car with good tires. I had a HOOPTIE, and some of you might relate. It got me places but driving it in bad weather was risky.

So, I prioritized my students' safety and ensured their access to education was intact. I adjusted my expectations and set up a zoom meeting so we can at least meet and set the tone for the semester. I would like to think I showed that their well-being is my top concern as an educator.

I believe this step to consider their needs first will make the students more aware that my intentions for them is to learn, not to just repeat what I lecture about. It highlights the importance of adapting to meet students' changing needs during education's evolving landscape.

Let's apply the same principle to being a voice for positive changes for the greater good. It starts with empathy, understanding, and a commitment to proactively working with our evolving landscape.

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